Software Development and…Pregnancy?

For nearly a year, we have been working on a number of things in parallel:

All three of these things are absurdly complex, and large, and represent a huge amount of work. And, like the geniuses we are, we decided, “Hey, let’s release all of them at once!”

Well, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? It turns out that this was probably a very bad idea…not because we sacrificed quality or cut corners to make deadlines or anything strictly taboo like that. It was a bad idea because sleep is a precious thing.

I don’t have children (and, technically speaking, I’ll never havechildren, seeing as I’m of the male persuasion), so pardon me while I draw a very tendenous analogy between software development and pregnancy. We just had the software equivalent of triplets — one major product release, one website, and one website/AJAX app, all at once.

This is a good reminder that, 99% of the time, software (and really, business, for that matter), should be incremental. We know this, and have practiced it for a long time — but I can guarantee you, we understand it a lot better now that we’ve broken that rule.

That said, why don’t you say `hi` to our newborns: PDFTextStream v2.0, the new, and PDFTextOnline.

Isn’t software grand?

Reading palms is a better percentage bet than trying to accurately project the effort or time needed to ship a particular software feature.

So, PDFTextStream v1.3 is late. There, I said it.

Yes, I said (mouth, meet foot) that v1.3 would be ready by the end of November. Such is the nature of youth and optimism, I suppose.

Version 1.3 is coming, and it is close. However, we just couldn’t pull the trigger on a new release without being entirely satisfied that it’s up to par. v1.3 wasn’t come November 30th, so we didn’t push it. Late is better than both never and on-time-but-buggy.