The 2011 State of Clojure Survey is Open

I’ve finished putting together the State of Clojure 2011 survey, which is embedded below.  It will remain open for input until Monday, June 20th.

As was the case last year, we are likely on the verge of a new “major” release of Clojure (v1.3.0 this time around), and the apparent state of affairs can be described similarly:

The Clojure community is larger than it ever has been, and shows no sign of slackening its growth.  It seems like now would be a good time to take stock of where the community is, how people came to use Clojure, and how it’s being used in the world.

Hopefully enough responses will come through that we’ll be able to get a good picture of the current state of affairs, and maybe a little insight into where Clojure can and should make headway in the future.

As with the State of Clojure 2010 survey, I will post again sometime shortly after the survey closes with all of the captured data, some pretty charts, and whatever attempts at witty, (un?)biased commentary I can come up with. ;-)  Seriously though, we’ll have prior data available this time around, so some interesting trends and comparisons might be inferred.

The survey has now ended.

A summary of results and all the raw data are now available here.

10 thoughts on “The 2011 State of Clojure Survey is Open

  1. Great Clojure survey. I’ve only recently started learning Clojure and I like it a lot and I think it can have a great future. I especially like all the support for concurrency and I am sure this will get even better in future releases.
    Looking forward to your survey results.

  2. Chas, I hit enter while in one of the comment areas, and the form submitted prematurely. I was in the middle of describing my wishlist for platforms, and was typing Adobe Flash/Actionscript when it submitted. I have resubmitted the full form, so please pull that incomplete one from your pool of data

    1. I found the partial submission, as well as the complete second submission; the former has been scrubbed, and the latter is safe. :-) Thanks for letting me know!

  3. Would have been interesting to ask people whether they use lein, cljr, cake, jark or N/A to build & manage deps. I’d be very interested to know if people predominantly use the “project-centric” approach (lein) or the environment-centric approach (cljr etc) more often.

    1. I thought about it, but decided that that would be straying a bit to far afield of the objective: surveying the state of the Clojure language community. The editor/IDE question seems close enough to the heart of what programmers do on a daily basis to ask about; build tools are (almost by definition) a distraction: we’d all like to avoid them entirely, if we could.

      That said, it’d be fun to see a Clojure tools / libraries survey: what people use for builds, web frameworks, templating libraries, etc. etc. Maybe someone else could do that, though… ;-)

  4. Nice survey, one point: I’d include the author right after the title on books. I couldn’t remember which one with Halloway’s, so I guessed.

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