Anthony Simpson (Raynes) will receive his Clojure “scholarship”, thanks to you.

The Clojure community has come through, in a big way.

At 1:26PM, I published the blog post announcing a small, informal fundraiser to help fund a “scholarship” for Anthony Simpson (a.k.a. Raynes), enabling him to attend the first Clojure Conj next month.  Check out the post if you’ve not seen it already; it’s got the backstory.

At 2:38PM, we reached our goal of $1,000 (actually, we overshot it slightly; PayPal doesn’t allow you to cap donations as far as I could tell, so I had to time when I disabled the payment button).  This will enable Anthony and an adult relative of his to travel to the Conj.  I suspect he’ll take full advantage of this opportunity.  And, I’ll bet there’ll be pictures, too. :-)

That’s 72 minutes to raise just over $1,000, donated by 29 different individuals (whose names are listed below), with an average donation of $37.  My original post hit hacker news, so there may be a few non-Clojure programmers mixed in that total that were inspired by the cause – but I recognize most of the names.  In any case, I’m floored.

I knew the Clojure community was phenomenal, but the reception to this effort has been more than even I expected.  I figured we’d make the goal, but 72 minutes? Damn.

Did you want to donate, but the opportunity had already passed?

Please don’t squander that impulse.  This particular effort was worthy, but it’s certainly not unique.  There is no shortage of people who could use a helping hand in one form or another.  Many of them are far away somewhere – and the internet can help in those cases as it has here – but surely there’s somebody right outside your front door, or down the street a little ways that could benefit mightily from that small measure of extra human connection that only you (and maybe a few friends of yours) could provide.

If there’s one thing that this episode has impressed upon me as no prior experience has before, it’s that just a few people (even just one!) can make a difference.  That may sound trite, and it might seem naïve, but I’m quite certain now that it’s true.

Thank you!

To those who donated, thank you so very much:

Craig Andera
Brenton Ashworth
Justin Balthrop
Lance Bradley
Brian Carper
Martin Clausen
Anonymous Donor
Chas Emerick
Mark Engelberg
Antoni Batchelli Estrada
Tom Faulhaber
Christina Gurga
Aria Haghighi
Nathan Hessler Hessler
Richard Hickey
Chris Jones
Zachary Kim
David Liebke
Darwin Lo
Mark McGranaghan
Hans-Christian Meier
William Morgan
Chris Petrilli
Robert Pitts
Luke Renn
Stuart Sierra
Sandeep Srinivasa
Levi Strope
Matt Tessar

6 thoughts on “Anthony Simpson (Raynes) will receive his Clojure “scholarship”, thanks to you.

  1. That’s so cool that you guys did this for Anthony. I dont know him personally but do know him from online communities and of course Twitter. He’s a very bright young man and very driven in the FP world and definitely deserves this opportunity. Had I known in time I would have made a donation as I feel this will only further his development as a programmer.

    Kudos to the Clojure community for making this happen for him.

  2. […] during his talk, he had me stand up, handed me the mic, and asked me to explain to the conj-goers the circumstances leading to my being able to attend. Mind you, he didn't tell me he was going to do that beforehand, […]

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