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Scala isn’t complicated; it’s clever

I’ve been away from Scala for a long while now — a little more than three years.  v2.7.1 was the last rev I used significantly, if memory serves.  I enjoyed my time with it, but it just wasn’t the best … Continue reading

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String Interpolation in Clojure

I’ve become weary of format of late, and all of the other formats out there aren’t any more pleasant – variadic (and even keyword or named-argument) string replacement is just a dull tool compared to real interpolation. A Clojure macro is presented that implements string interpolation that involves no template parsing at runtime. Continue reading

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…recommended by 4 out of 5 surveyed seasoned programmers…

In a thread on the Google Group dedicated to discussing languages hosted on the JVM (i.e. Scala, Groovy, JRuby, et al.), it was asked by a fellow named Jon Harrop whether something like F# (an OCaml / Standard ML derivative … Continue reading

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Scala Makes Me Think

(…or, “Oh, Dear, Wasn’t I Thinking Before?”) As my friends will attest, I really enjoy programming languages. I’m one of those language fetishists that talk about “expressiveness” and “concision”, and yes, I’m one of those very strange fellows who blurt … Continue reading

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