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Python, Growth, and Sandboxes

Well, I sure did step in it. Consider: up until last week, I was simply using this space every now and then for some relatively bland navel-gazing related to selected goings-on at Snowtide. Then, a friend of mine decided to … Continue reading

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Python 3 and Growth (or the lack thereof)

I’m not saying that Python is dying somehow — far from it. However, I think it’s safe to say that it has stopped growing (and hasn’t grown significantly since v2.2 with the great class/type unification). As much as I enjoy working in Python, it has not (and looks like it will not) grow along with the problems that I need to solve. Continue reading

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Introducing jsdifflib

Note: jsdifflib is now on github. I’d like to introduce jsdifflib, an in-browser visual diff tool and library: In the process of building a new web-based document-centric service, it became clear that I needed a good in-browser visual diff tool. … Continue reading

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Working Together: Python and Java, Open Source and Commercial

PDFTextStream started out as a Java library, but is now available and supported for Python. How that leap was made exemplifies how commercial and open source software efforts complement each other in the best of circumstances, and is also a fantastic case study in Java + Python integration. Continue reading

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