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PDFTextStream now available free (as in beer)

PDFTextStream v2.6.0 was released today with a variety of small new features and a couple of bugfixes.  The bigger change is that PDFTextStream is now available free for use in single-threaded applications. Because of the realities of the economics around … Continue reading

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On the stewardship of mature software

I just flipped the switch on v2.5.0 of PDFTextStream.  It’s a fairly significant release, representing hundreds of distinct improvements and bugfixes, most in response to feedback and experiences reported by Snowtide customers.  If you find yourself needing to get data … Continue reading

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Launching DocuHarvest – Turning documents into data

I’m happy today to introduce: Getting valuable data out of documents should not require an I.T. staff,  outside consultants, building or buying software, or an up-front  investment of hundreds or thousands of dollars, regardless of how many  documents and how … Continue reading

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Reducing purchase anxiety is a feature

Talk to anyone outside of the software world, and you’ll quickly realize that one of the most gut-wrenching, anxiety-inducing acts is buying software. Even if one has evaluated the product in question top to bottom, past experience of bugs, botched … Continue reading

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Activity is not Progress (or, ‘Did you really need to shave that yak’)

Anyone who is accountable for any sufficiently-complex objective is constantly having their focus being pulled away from that larger goal by a thousand different fiddly tasks. Christened as yak shaving some time ago by a fellow at the MIT media … Continue reading

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Surprising Praise

I happen to work in a particular corner of the software industry that isn’t exactly the most happenin’ party zone.  Compared to whatever is “hot” at any point in time, extracting data from documents seems dull to most.  I’m not … Continue reading

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New Year’s PDFTextStream Sale!

This morning, we put some limited-time-only discounts into place for PDFTextStream to celebrate the new year. You can now purchase PDFTextStream server deployment licenses for as little as $999 USD (optionally with Premium Support). These licenses carry no CPU restriction, … Continue reading

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Free PDFTextStream for Academic Use

The title says it all.  Today we’re announcing that PDFTextStream is free for academic use: read the press release, and if you are a qualifying academic developer, go ahead and apply for a free PDFTextStream license file. Don’t worry, the … Continue reading

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Memory-mapping Files in Java Causes Problems

Today, we released PDFTextStream v2.0.1— a minor patch release that contains a workaround for an interesting and unfortunate bug: on Windows, if one accesses a PDF file on disk using PDFTextStream, then closes the PDFTextStream instance (using PDFTextStream.close()), the PDF … Continue reading

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Working Together: Python and Java, Open Source and Commercial

PDFTextStream started out as a Java library, but is now available and supported for Python. How that leap was made exemplifies how commercial and open source software efforts complement each other in the best of circumstances, and is also a fantastic case study in Java + Python integration. Continue reading

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