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Friend: an extensible authentication and authorization library for Clojure Ring webapps and services

Say hello to my little Friend. There’s plenty of technical stuff in the README to chew on if you like.  In short, I’m hoping this can eventually be a warden/spring-security/everyauth /omniauth for Clojure; that is, a common abstraction for authentication … Continue reading

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jsdifflib now on Github

jsdifflib is a Javascript library that provides: a partial reimplementation of Python’s difflib module (specifically, the SequenceMatcher class) a visual diff view generator, that offers side-by-side as well as inline formatting of file data Some years ago, I needed a … Continue reading

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Bandalore: a Clojure client library for Amazon’s Simple Queue Service (SQS)

I recently found myself wanting to work with Amazon’s Simple Queue Service (SQS), but I could find no reasonable Clojure library for accessing it.  Of course, AWS’ own Java SDK is the canonical implementation of their APIs (at least in … Continue reading

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Reducing purchase anxiety is a feature

Talk to anyone outside of the software world, and you’ll quickly realize that one of the most gut-wrenching, anxiety-inducing acts is buying software. Even if one has evaluated the product in question top to bottom, past experience of bugs, botched … Continue reading

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Working Together: Python and Java, Open Source and Commercial

PDFTextStream started out as a Java library, but is now available and supported for Python. How that leap was made exemplifies how commercial and open source software efforts complement each other in the best of circumstances, and is also a fantastic case study in Java + Python integration. Continue reading

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Open Source, Positioning, and Execution

In the past month, I’ve read no fewer than 8 articles and blog posts trying to thread a story around what is apparently the “big” question these days: how can software companies make money in an open source world? Well, … Continue reading

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