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…wherein I feel the pain of being a generalist

I’ve lately been in a position of offering occasional advice to Lee Spector, a former professor of mine, on various topics related to Clojure, which he’d recently discovered and (as far as I can tell) adopted with some enthusiasm.  I … Continue reading

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Hosting Maven Repos on Github

UPDATE: If you’re using Clojure and Leiningen, read no further. Just use s3-wagon-private to deploy artifacts to S3. (The deployed artifacts can be private or public, depending on the scheme you use to identify the destination bucket, i.e. s3://… vs. … Continue reading

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Why using Maven for Clojure builds is a no-brainer

Put simply: It’s the community, stupid. Or: If you have to pick, choose function over form (at least when it comes to build tools). Ahem. Sorry, let’s start from the beginning. Like any group of super-smart programmers using a relatively … Continue reading

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Sane web development with Compojure, Jetty, and Maven

I find myself slipping back into web development in the new year. I’ve known this was coming for some time, so I’ve had a fair chance to carefully choose my weapons: Clojure Compojure (on github) Enlive for templating Jetty (during … Continue reading

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Mavenization of NetBeans Platform projects

Over the past month, I’ve been gradually porting all of our projects’ builds from Ant to Maven. Everything’s gone swimmingly, especially given the excellent clojure-maven-plugin, which allowed me to cleave off all of our comparatively complicated ant scripts for building … Continue reading

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