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Enabling rich(er) interactions in the Clojure REPL

I love the Clojure REPL.  I’ve never been more productive in any other environment.  In particular, I happen to like the REPL and general development experience provided by Counterclockwise, the Eclipse Clojure plugin. That said, the Clojure REPL is far … Continue reading

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McCarthy on the W3C

I happened to listen to John McCarthy’s keynote at OOPSLA 2007.  There are some real gems in there for those interested in the history of Lisp, though I admit that I mostly blanked out through the exposition of his Elephant … Continue reading

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The beauty of letterpress and craft and old arts faithfully renewed

Having worked primarily with PDF documents and all the minutiae of their fonts and such over the years, I’ve come to have a great appreciation for typography and the now-ancient crafts that gave birth to it. I draw a tenuous connection from there to my own work. Continue reading

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Why MIT now uses python instead of scheme for its undergraduate CS program

This week, I find myself lucky enough to be at the International Lisp Conferenceat MIT in Cambridge, MA.  I won’t get into why I’m here right now, for those of you who might be surprised.  The purpose of this post … Continue reading

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