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Adding Gzip compression to a Clojure webapp in 30 seconds

As you might have seen, I’m working on a new web project, which happens to involve shipping a metric ton of content to each user’s browser upon visiting the meat of the site.  We’re talking about something like 1.5MB of … Continue reading

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Oracle VP: “We have a strategy to run Java inside a Javascript environment”

This statement from Adam Messinger – the Vice President of Java Development at Oracle – was shocking to me (original podcast; transcript; emphasis mine): Roger: One last question here. What’s Oracle going to do to make Java successful on the … Continue reading

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All my methods take 316 arguments, and I like it that way

The behaviour of every function in a mutable, imperative environment is dependent upon the state of all of the other (variables|attributes|bindings|whatever) in your program at the time the function is invoked. Would you ever intentionally write a method signature that takes 316 arguments? Would you use any library that contained such a function signature? No? Then why are you using tools that force such craziness upon you? Continue reading

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Java is dead, but you’ll learn to love it

Java-the-language is dead. Get over it, and realize that because of that fact, you’ll probably come to depend upon Java more than you ever thought possible. Continue reading

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Memory-mapping Files in Java Causes Problems

Today, we released PDFTextStream v2.0.1— a minor patch release that contains a workaround for an interesting and unfortunate bug: on Windows, if one accesses a PDF file on disk using PDFTextStream, then closes the PDFTextStream instance (using PDFTextStream.close()), the PDF … Continue reading

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Working Together: Python and Java, Open Source and Commercial

PDFTextStream started out as a Java library, but is now available and supported for Python. How that leap was made exemplifies how commercial and open source software efforts complement each other in the best of circumstances, and is also a fantastic case study in Java + Python integration. Continue reading

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