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100% time

Perhaps you’ve heard of “20% time”. In many ways, it or something like it are table stakes for many software folk, and perhaps other creative specialists as well; i.e. if a company doesn’t offer something like 20% time, it may … Continue reading

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Stymied from within (an entrepreneurial experience)

In his interview of Andrew Warner, Jason Cohen provided a nice snapshot of the experience of being a software entrepreneur (taken from the transcription provided on the interview page, emphasis mine): You hear all these stories of success, and luck … Continue reading

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Recovering from and avoiding “cloud service” lock-in

We all love our shiny cloud services — until they break, die, or otherwise go away, turning all those unicorns and butterflies into what can only be described as a bark salad.  Case in point: sometime this week, I’ll be … Continue reading

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Right now, I’m sitting across a table from my grandfather. He’s remarking for the hundredth time today that he can hardly see, though he’s spotting specks of planes flying in the sky and clearly enjoying bathing in the sunlight streaming … Continue reading

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Ashton’s plight, fight or flight

Joel Spolsky is a stellar writer and a fine storyteller. His latest, the apocryphal tale of Ashton, tells of the plight of a software developer stuck in a crummy job, surrounded by sycophants and half-wits, desperate to escape the inevitable … Continue reading

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Xerox’s Inspirational Carlson and Wilson

This book tells a great story, but I’m not writing a book review. What struck me most reading this book was the glimpse provided of Chester Carlson, the inventor of electrophotography, and Joseph C. Wilson, the co-founder of Xerox (née The Haloid Photographic Company). As far as I can tell, these men were forces of nature unto themselves, and possessed an array of values and principles that I find remarkable and inspirational. Continue reading

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Reducing purchase anxiety is a feature

Talk to anyone outside of the software world, and you’ll quickly realize that one of the most gut-wrenching, anxiety-inducing acts is buying software. Even if one has evaluated the product in question top to bottom, past experience of bugs, botched … Continue reading

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Venture capitalists are entertaining, but please don’t take them too seriously

VCs say the darnedest things, and especially as it’s become clear that venture capital isn’t at all required (or even desirable) in many situations, one needs to be careful about how much of the VC worldview one takes to heart. Continue reading

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Paul Graham’s Y Combinator leaves Boston, entrepreneurs dive under the bed

Last Friday, Paul Graham announced that his Y Combinator incubator was leaving Boston for Silicon Valley. This has been picked up in a variety of areas by Boston-local entrepreneurs and those that watch that space. The reaction has been predictable, if you know just how much of an inferiority complex people have vis á vis Silicon Valley. Continue reading

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Speaking about Snowtide and Entrepreneurship at CCV

I just returned from speaking to a class at the Community College of Vermontin Rutland.  I was asked to speak to the Principles of Marketing class being taught there by John Hutchins, my friend, Snowtide shareholder, ex-Digital salesman, and father … Continue reading

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