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‘Clojure Programming’ book finished

Yes — it’s finished! :-D Early last month, after writing 190,000 words, editing away scads more, assembling and testing more than 1,000 code snippets and 20 full sample projects, and conceptualizing dozens of illustrations, Christophe, Brian, and I declared Clojure … Continue reading

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Introducing: Mostly λazy (a Clojure podcast)

As some of you may know already, I’ve started a Clojure podcast called Mostly λazy.  The first episode is in the can and has been published.  There are RSS feeds for your readers and podcatchers there for the taking, and … Continue reading

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Ambrose has received his Clojure “scholarship”, thanks to you.

The eve of Clojure Conj 2011 is upon us, so I feel compelled get off my butt and finally close the loop on this one. Per usual, you, the Clojure community, have come through.  Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant will be attending the … Continue reading

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Enabling rich(er) interactions in the Clojure REPL

I love the Clojure REPL.  I’ve never been more productive in any other environment.  In particular, I happen to like the REPL and general development experience provided by Counterclockwise, the Eclipse Clojure plugin. That said, the Clojure REPL is far … Continue reading

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À la carte configuration in Clojure APIs

There are two dominant configuration patterns in Clojure libraries. The first is where configuration is provided explicitly via the first argument; here, in Rummage, accessing Amazon’s SimpleDB: The other is where the configuration is defined implicitly, usually using binding and … Continue reading

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Writing CouchDB Views using ClojureScript

UPDATE [2012-05-07]: clutch-clojurescript is now deprecated, as its functionality has been rolled into Clutch proper in toto.  Documentation for the feature can be found here. While I was in San Fransisco for JavaOne, I was lucky enough to be invited … Continue reading

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2011 Clojure Scholarship: Help send Ambrose to the Conj!

Update 2011-11-08T01:41  We did it! Details and acknowledgements for all who donated now here! About a year ago, I had the distinct privilege of having a front-row seat when the generosity of the Clojure community (and others!) helped Anthony Grimes … Continue reading

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Clojure で適切な型定義を選択するためのフローチャート

A few weeks ago, I put together a flowchart to help choose the right type-definition form in Clojure in various circumstances. Afterwards, OGINO Masanori contacted me, offering to produce a Japanese translation of the flowchart.  The result looks great…thank you, … Continue reading

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Results of the 2011 State of Clojure survey

A few weeks ago, I opened the 2011 State of Clojure survey.  As with last year’s survey, my aim was to take a snapshot of the Clojure community — our origins in aggregate, how and where we are using Clojure, … Continue reading

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Flowchart for choosing the right Clojure type definition form

Clojure offers a number of different forms that define types (and generate Java classes). Choosing between deftype, defrecord, reify, proxy, and gen-class can be a tripping point for those new to Clojure. I’d obviously like to make such decisions easier … Continue reading

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