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‘Clojure Programming’ book finished

Yes — it’s finished! :-D Early last month, after writing 190,000 words, editing away scads more, assembling and testing more than 1,000 code snippets and 20 full sample projects, and conceptualizing dozens of illustrations, Christophe, Brian, and I declared Clojure … Continue reading

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‘Clojure Programming’ book now available

Update [2011-08-23 18:49 UTC]: The Rough Cut of Clojure Programming has been updated significantly since this post originally went live.  Go check it out. :-) Some time ago, I announced that I was coauthoring a book on Clojure for O’Reilly (see … Continue reading

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“Clojure Programming”, the book

Update: Clojure Programming is now available! I’m very happy to announce that I and Dave Fayram (formerly of Powerset and Microsoft, and now of BankSimple) have recently committed to writing a book on Clojure, tentatively titled “Clojure Programming”, to be … Continue reading

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Xerox’s Inspirational Carlson and Wilson

This book tells a great story, but I’m not writing a book review. What struck me most reading this book was the glimpse provided of Chester Carlson, the inventor of electrophotography, and Joseph C. Wilson, the co-founder of Xerox (née The Haloid Photographic Company). As far as I can tell, these men were forces of nature unto themselves, and possessed an array of values and principles that I find remarkable and inspirational. Continue reading

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