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Update: I’ve shut down IMHO. It was amusing while it lasted, but it’s clearly not a domain in which I have a fundamental interest. I hope you all enjoyed playing with it while it was among us! I don’t write … Continue reading

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PDFTextStream now available free (as in beer)

PDFTextStream v2.6.0 was released today with a variety of small new features and a couple of bugfixes.  The bigger change is that PDFTextStream is now available free for use in single-threaded applications. Because of the realities of the economics around … Continue reading

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A refresh of Clojure Atlas

I’m sorry to admit that I let the Clojure Atlas wilt a bit over the past year or so. (I was a little busy!)  However, I am conversely quite happy to say that that’s over now; Clojure Atlas has been … Continue reading

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Friend: an extensible authentication and authorization library for Clojure Ring webapps and services

Say hello to my little Friend. There’s plenty of technical stuff in the README to chew on if you like.  In short, I’m hoping this can eventually be a warden/spring-security/everyauth /omniauth for Clojure; that is, a common abstraction for authentication … Continue reading

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‘Clojure Programming’ book now available

Update [2011-08-23 18:49 UTC]: The Rough Cut of Clojure Programming has been updated significantly since this post originally went live.  Go check it out. :-) Some time ago, I announced that I was coauthoring a book on Clojure for O’Reilly (see … Continue reading

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jsdifflib now on Github

jsdifflib is a Javascript library that provides: a partial reimplementation of Python’s difflib module (specifically, the SequenceMatcher class) a visual diff view generator, that offers side-by-side as well as inline formatting of file data Some years ago, I needed a … Continue reading

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Clojure Atlas now available

A few weeks ago, I previewed Clojure Atlas; I’m happy to announce that it is now publicly available: Clojure Atlas, an experimental visualization of the Clojure language and its standard library There’s a free demo available which will nag you … Continue reading

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“Clojure Programming”, the book

Update: Clojure Programming is now available! I’m very happy to announce that I and Dave Fayram (formerly of Powerset and Microsoft, and now of BankSimple) have recently committed to writing a book on Clojure, tentatively titled “Clojure Programming”, to be … Continue reading

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Launching DocuHarvest – Turning documents into data

I’m happy today to introduce: Getting valuable data out of documents should not require an I.T. staff,  outside consultants, building or buying software, or an up-front  investment of hundreds or thousands of dollars, regardless of how many  documents and how … Continue reading

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Reducing purchase anxiety is a feature

Talk to anyone outside of the software world, and you’ll quickly realize that one of the most gut-wrenching, anxiety-inducing acts is buying software. Even if one has evaluated the product in question top to bottom, past experience of bugs, botched … Continue reading

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