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Originally posted on Mostly λazy…a Clojure podcast:
Recorded November 12th, 2011, third in a series of conversations from Clojure Conj 2011. I caught up with Hugo Duncan and Antoni Batchelli (everyone calls him Toni ;-) during one of the…

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Introducing: Mostly λazy (a Clojure podcast)

As some of you may know already, I’ve started a Clojure podcast called Mostly λazy.  The first episode is in the can and has been published.  There are RSS feeds for your readers and podcatchers there for the taking, and … Continue reading

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Ambrose has received his Clojure “scholarship”, thanks to you.

The eve of Clojure Conj 2011 is upon us, so I feel compelled get off my butt and finally close the loop on this one. Per usual, you, the Clojure community, have come through.  Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant will be attending the … Continue reading

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Enabling rich(er) interactions in the Clojure REPL

I love the Clojure REPL.  I’ve never been more productive in any other environment.  In particular, I happen to like the REPL and general development experience provided by Counterclockwise, the Eclipse Clojure plugin. That said, the Clojure REPL is far … Continue reading

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À la carte configuration in Clojure APIs

There are two dominant configuration patterns in Clojure libraries. The first is where configuration is provided explicitly via the first argument; here, in Rummage, accessing Amazon’s SimpleDB: The other is where the configuration is defined implicitly, usually using binding and … Continue reading

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Writing CouchDB Views using ClojureScript

UPDATE [2012-05-07]: clutch-clojurescript is now deprecated, as its functionality has been rolled into Clutch proper in toto.  Documentation for the feature can be found here. While I was in San Fransisco for JavaOne, I was lucky enough to be invited … Continue reading

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2011 Clojure Scholarship: Help send Ambrose to the Conj!

Update 2011-11-08T01:41  We did it! Details and acknowledgements for all who donated now here! About a year ago, I had the distinct privilege of having a front-row seat when the generosity of the Clojure community (and others!) helped Anthony Grimes … Continue reading

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McCarthy on the W3C

I happened to listen to John McCarthy’s keynote at OOPSLA 2007.  There are some real gems in there for those interested in the history of Lisp, though I admit that I mostly blanked out through the exposition of his Elephant … Continue reading

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Clojure で適切な型定義を選択するためのフローチャート

A few weeks ago, I put together a flowchart to help choose the right type-definition form in Clojure in various circumstances. Afterwards, OGINO Masanori contacted me, offering to produce a Japanese translation of the flowchart.  The result looks great…thank you, … Continue reading

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At what point does S3 break?

AWS’ Jeff Barr announced yesterday that their S3 service: holds more than 449 billion objects and processes up to 290,000 requests per second for them at peak times I’m a very happy user of S3 and much of the rest … Continue reading

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