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Buy a signed copy of ‘Clojure Programming’, help the EFF!

Through a strange set of circumstances, I recently came into a decent-sized cache of copies of Clojure Programming (which I co-authored, in case the blatant self-promotion to the right didn’t tip you off already).  The only other likely option for … Continue reading

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Results of the 2013 State of Clojure & ClojureScript survey

Two weeks ago, I opened up this year’s Clojure & ClojureScript survey.  Now, you get to see what everyone said, and we all get to speculate on what it means. First, some process details: The survey was open for ~7 … Continue reading

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2013 State of Clojure & ClojureScript Survey

This is the fourth year in which I’ve offered up a “State of Clojure” survey.  As before, my intention is to get a sense for the size and overall level of activity in the Clojure community, and to capture a … Continue reading

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My Mom has Multiple Sclerosis

She’s likely had it since at least ~1983; the first sign was a temporary bout of optic neuritis that left her half-blind for a month or so.  All was well for years, until 1996: we were walking out of the … Continue reading

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Update: I’ve shut down IMHO. It was amusing while it lasted, but it’s clearly not a domain in which I have a fundamental interest. I hope you all enjoyed playing with it while it was among us! I don’t write … Continue reading

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100% time

Perhaps you’ve heard of “20% time”. In many ways, it or something like it are table stakes for many software folk, and perhaps other creative specialists as well; i.e. if a company doesn’t offer something like 20% time, it may … Continue reading

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Cargo-culting to success and understanding

In doing my part to further the fortune-cookie bullshit cycle that is Twitter, I tossed out this nugget yesterday: “Cargo-culting” isn’t always bad. All things being equal, following the lead of smart, thoughtful people can be a good first approximation. … Continue reading

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Mostly Lazy, back in the saddle

I was stoked to reboot Mostly Lazy by talking yesterday with Chris Houser (a.k.a. Chouser), this time via Skype.  It’s good to be back, so go check out the latest episode, maybe follow the @MostlyLazy twitter feed (who knows, it … Continue reading

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Results of the 2012 State of Clojure survey

A few weeks ago, I opened the 2012 State of Clojure survey.  Per usual, I wanted to take the Clojure community’s collective temperature, see where we all came from, what we’re using Clojure for, what weaknesses and problems exist, and … Continue reading

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PDFTextStream now available free (as in beer)

PDFTextStream v2.6.0 was released today with a variety of small new features and a couple of bugfixes.  The bigger change is that PDFTextStream is now available free for use in single-threaded applications. Because of the realities of the economics around … Continue reading

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