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My Mom has Multiple Sclerosis, and needs a new wheelchair van

My mom has been battling secondary-progressive Multiple Sclerosis over the last 30 years (I’ve written about her a bit before). Over that time, she went back to school in her 30’s and graduated from the University of Massachusetts, worked as … Continue reading

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Distributed Systems and the End of the API (meta)

I just published a written distillation of my talk at PhillyETE 2013, Distributed Systems and the End of the API, over at the “writings” blog for the Quilt Project. Take a look, especially if you are interested in distributed systems, … Continue reading

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Theorizing the Web, an experience

Last week, I attended Theorizing the Web (TtW). I can say without hesitation that it was one of the most challenging, enlightening, and useful conference experiences I’ve ever had.  I’d like to provide a summary account of my experience, and … Continue reading

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Buy a signed copy of ‘Clojure Programming’, help the EFF!

Update, 2014 Aug 29: Unfortunately, this fundraising effort did not pan out.  Only one individual reached out with a “pledge” for the EFF; rather than go through the rigmarole of collecting a single donation, I simply took him at his … Continue reading

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Results of the 2013 State of Clojure & ClojureScript survey

Two weeks ago, I opened up this year’s Clojure & ClojureScript survey.  Now, you get to see what everyone said, and we all get to speculate on what it means. First, some process details: The survey was open for ~7 … Continue reading

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2013 State of Clojure & ClojureScript Survey

This is the fourth year in which I’ve offered up a “State of Clojure” survey.  As before, my intention is to get a sense for the size and overall level of activity in the Clojure community, and to capture a … Continue reading

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My Mom has Multiple Sclerosis

She’s likely had it since at least ~1983; the first sign was a temporary bout of optic neuritis that left her half-blind for a month or so.  All was well for years, until 1996: we were walking out of the … Continue reading

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Update: I’ve shut down IMHO. It was amusing while it lasted, but it’s clearly not a domain in which I have a fundamental interest. I hope you all enjoyed playing with it while it was among us! I don’t write … Continue reading

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100% time

Perhaps you’ve heard of “20% time”. In many ways, it or something like it are table stakes for many software folk, and perhaps other creative specialists as well; i.e. if a company doesn’t offer something like 20% time, it may … Continue reading

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Cargo-culting to success and understanding

In doing my part to further the fortune-cookie bullshit cycle that is Twitter, I tossed out this nugget yesterday: “Cargo-culting” isn’t always bad. All things being equal, following the lead of smart, thoughtful people can be a good first approximation. … Continue reading

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